Voice Based Guest Engagement and Room Automation for Hospitality Industry

For general information to service requests to room automation, you can now enable your hotel guests to connect with your hotel staff, ask information about hotel amenities, control in-room devices with the help of voice-based Amazon Alexa-enabled & Google Home devices, that are easy to deploy and personalized for your hotel.

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Create Memorable Guest Experiences with a Voice Based Guest Engagement Solution

General Information

Give your hotel guests an easy and fun way to inquire about hotel checkout timings, hotel amenities, wifi codes and other frequently asked questions via voice based commands.

Service Requests

Give your hotel guests efficient room service for food & beverages, housekeeping and checkouts. Alexa/Google Home would be the perfect high-tech personal assistant for services and information on demand.


Give your hotel guests recommendations on nearby restaurants, events, activities and tours and ensure a personal and remarkable experience for your guests with voice-based guest engagement.

Room Automation

Give your hotel guests the ease of operating the hotel room devices with the power of their voice. Complete guest room automation is brought about by GuestVoice for your guest engagement.

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Things you can say to Alexa/Google Home

Here are some things your guests can ask Alexa/Google Home. First, be sure to say,

General Information Housekeeping Local Recommendations Automation
How do I connect to WiFi? Get me extra towels Do you have restaurants nearby? Switch on / off the lights
Where can I grab a bite? Get me a cup of coffee or tea Do you have bars nearby? Open / close the blinds
Is there a swimming pool? Get me a glass of wine Is there a bowling alley nearby? Increase / decrease the temperature
Do you have spa? Get me a sandwich Where can I watch movies? Change the TV channel to BBC
Is there a fitness center? Get me a toothbrush Is there a shopping mall nearby? -
Do you have laundry? Get me a toothpaste Where can I find coffee? -
How can I spend the day with my family? Get me pillow Where is the closest supermarket? -
What amenities do you offer? Get me shampoo Which is the best steak house? -
What services do you provide Get me soap Where can I find best Mexican food? -
What activities can I indulge in? Clean my room Where can I find sushi? -
What can I do with my kids today? Fix the TV in my room Where can I find Italian food? -
What is my check out time? Order me a pizza. Best place to have breakfast -
- - Where is the best late night grub? -
- - Are there any vegetarian restaurants nearby? -
- - Where is the nearest health food store? -
- - Which club do you recommend? -

Guests can give these Voice Commands to the Voice Assistants

Say goodbye to the antiquated landline telephone in your hotel rooms!
Get in touch with Pragmatic Voice, for deploying a voice based guest engagement solution that’ll enable your hotel guests to ask questions typically asked to a hotel concierge, valet, housekeeper or bellman. The interactions with Amazon Alexa will be integrated with your existing hotel software and immediately communicated to the hotel staff, so that the requests get catered to almost instantaneously.

With GuestVoice on Google Home, hotels can provide a one stop solution to their guests for all their queries via voice. The benefits Google Assistants bring in is that they are available 24*7. Can provide answers in the users choice of language. Guests can enquire about hotel amenities, can carry out bookings at in house restaurants, play their favorite music, control in-room appliances like television, aircon, thermostat, curtains, lights and a lot more by the use of their voice. Say Goodbye to clicking and tapping!

Hotel Virtual Concierge Software Demo

Our Voice Based Solution Integrates With

  Pragmatic Voice can get Amazon Alexa/Google Home to talk to any hotel property management software of your choice.

Technical Architecture of Alexa Voice Command Execution

Technical Architecture of Google Home Voice Command Execution

Alexa Integration With Amadeus HotSoS

Hotels Using Alexa


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How to Improve Guest Experiance by using Voice Assistants in Hotel Rooms

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